The Process

We are a complete scanning solution company. We provide pickup, scan and dropback of documents to your office.

A. Server Based Process

  • You can send documents, by scanning and then uploading them to a secure FTP server. We update your books as per the agreed time scale.

  • At this stage, we will require you to provide a back up copy of your books, which again can be loaded onto our secure FTP server.

  • In the final stage, we will load the updated books on to a secure server so you can download the updated books from the server to your computer as per the agreed schedule.

B. Remote Access

  • You can scan the documents and upload it to a secure server or place it in your computer, so that we can access it remotely.

  • In the second stage, we will connect to your computer by using a remote desktop access service, such as, Secure VPN, logmein, etc.

  • We will update your books as per the agreed schedule and then log out.

C. Application Service providers

  • You can send us the source documents by scanning the documents and uploading it to our server.

  • We will update your books by logging in to the Online Accounting Software which you use, for example, sage, Xero, etc and update the books.

  • You can login to the online accounting software, at anytime to see the updated books.