Payroll Services

We provide accurate payroll solutions which can add value and efficiency to your business. We are cost competitive and deliver the payroll for your clients without delay. You will free up valuable internal resources to concentrate on your core business while your payroll processing is carried out efficiently offshore 24x7 processing. We can get your staff paid accurately and on time – whatever the basis of their remuneration.

As a client, you will be given a dedicated payroll manager, who will work with you to tailor the service to fit your own particular needs. We can scale up or down as your business changes, can respond quickly as new circumstances arise, and will provide a service that is accurate, detailed and cost-effective.

Our secure and reliable payroll processing software keeps track of details like changing employee details, Wages and Salaries, Statutory Pay details.

The flexibility of our quality payroll system and awareness of our clients needs enables us to react quickly and resourcefully to any given circumstances.

The main elements of our payroll service are:

  • The initial registration with HMRC to establish a PAYE scheme, and setting up employee information on our systems

  • The provision of easy payroll data submission by phone, email, fax or post

  • A rapid payroll turnaround – monthly or fortnightly

  • Security-sealed individual payslips

  • End of year reconciliation and returns to government authorities

  • Direct deposits to employees’ bank accounts

  • Prompt answers to queries – from employer/outside agencies

  • Reports and payment listings

  • Up-to-date legislative advice and processes

We have experienced professionals with expertise in delivering end-to-end payroll solutions to your business using the following payroll software:-

• Paye master
• Calcpay
• Sage
• Payroo
• Moneysoft

Due to the training provided, our professionals can learn and use any software in the least possible time involved.