Case Studies

Case 1

A client had been trying unsuccessfully to attract quality staff and was working longer and longer hours to complete the work. We stepped in and we were able to take a lot of the work load from him at a cheaper rate than he was able to achieve using local staff and with guaranteed turn around times. We are now doing around 300 hours a month which has saved him around 2 members of staff.

Case 2

A new start accountancy practice was looking to expand rapidly, with minimum expenditure on overheads such as staff and office space. With our support they were able to take on new clients. We did the work which allowed him to continue with his marketing. With our flexible fee structure he could quote accordingly.

Case 3

An established client was struggling to find a suitable replacement for their senior staff who was going on long leave. We stepped in and provided them with undisrupted flow of jobs which would otherwise be difficult with a newly recruited staff. Now even after the senior staff is back, we are still delivering the similar hour where as the senior staff is able to concentrate more on client relations & more profitable work